Welcome to Ozamiz Planted Aquariums! 

This humble website is put up due to the rising popularity of planted aquariums here in Ozamiz City and aroud the world.  We understand that aquarists these days, especially those who are just beginning need helpful information and guides to (as much as possible) avoid common mistakes that beginners do and hopefully succeed in the hobby. 

Beholding beautiful fishes swimming peacefully in a clean and healthy planted aquarium can and does have some therapeutic benefits as it relieves one from stress and momentarily calms the mind from troubles.  But putting up a planted aquarium without help and guide can be very stressful and even frustrating for beginners.  It is our desire to provide this much needed help.  Advises from experienced aquarists and petshop owners from Ozamiz City and other locations are gathered to meet this need.  You could also share your own experiences of problems and how you have solved them to help other visitors to this site.      

In the near future, you will see photos and videos of fresh water planted aquariums of various aquarists residing in Ozamiz City, Philippines.  We will also be posting helpful guides for aspiring hobbyists on how to set up, troubleshoot and maintain planted aquariums.  Links to other websites will also be provided especially those which we believe to be very useful for the hobby.

Our online store will post a catalog of products and services with their corresponding information.  We sell aquariums and aquarium tools and gadgets (aerators, filters, aqualights, fishnets, etc), sands and pebbles, drift woods, bog woods and rocks, various aquatic plants, freshwater fishes, reptiles and invertebrates.  We also provide services (complete aquarium set-up) and many more!

Hope you will continue to visit this website for more updates and developments.

From the OPA Administrators